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Adelphi University [Nov. 22nd, 2008|10:04 pm]
NY Kids


Hello! My name is Emma. I'm from a dingy little town in California, and I'm a Senior in High School. I've decided I want to apply to Adelphi University this year.

If I can't get into either Adelphi with a scholarship or UC Berkeley, I will be going to a JC for two years, and then reapplying to both of these schools (plus others).

So I was just wondering if anyone could tell me anything about Adelphi. Anything from dorms, classes, teachers, events, students, the area, being 20 minutes away from NYC, why you love Adelphi or NY, why you hate it, ect. I would really appreciate it!

I have been to New York and I loved it, just in case that is important, lol.